Nuummi Eqqumiitsulianik Saqqummersitsivik suleqatigalugu eqqumiitsuliortup Gudrun Haslep nunani assigiinngitsuni eqqumiitsuliortut allat qaaqqusimavai, Holmip Illuata silataani erfalasuliorfimmut erfalasulioqqullugit.

Erfalasut assigiinngitsorpassuupput, soorlu naalagaaffiit erfalasui, arsaattartut klubbiisa erfalasui, erfalasut kalerrisaarutit, qinunermi erfalasut allarpassuillu. Erfalasut assigiinngitsorpassuarnik isumaqarsinnaapput – ulloqartarpugut erfalasulerfiusunik, pisortaqarfiit erfalasulerfissanik ulloqartarput, nalliuttorsiornerni erfalasulersortarpugut, ilaatigullu aamma ulluinnarni erfalasulersortarluta. Erfalasulersimagaagatta nalunaaqutsiisarpugut, ungasianiilluunniit attaveqatigiinnermut atorlugit. Erfalasut kinaassutsimut sumullu attuumassuteqarnermut tunngasinnaapput.

Eqqumiitsuliortut erfalasuliorsimasut tulleriissaanneranni Miki Jacobsen (in. 1965) siulliuvoq. Erfalasuliaa Kalaallit Nunaata erfalasuanit Canadallu erfalasuanit akusaavoq. Miki Jacobsen Canadami eqqumiitsuliortutut ilinniarsimasuuvoq, ullumikkulli Nuummi najugaqarluni. Canadami erneqarpoq, erfalasorlu ernerminut pigitippaa. Taamaalillunilu erfalasoq kulturit marluk akulerussimanerannut tunngassuteqalerluni.

Holmip Illua 1920-minngaanneersuuvoq, Nuummilu nammineq illuliassani kalaallinit pigineqartuni siullersaasimalluni. Ullumikkut inoqanngilaq, 2011-miillu komuunimit pigineqarluni. Illu Aqqaluup Aneerasaartarfianiippoq, Namminersorlutik Oqartussanut, Hans Egedemut eqqaassutissiamut Nuutoqqamullu isikkiveqarluni. Aneerasaartarfik Lars Møllerimut (1842-1926), Aqqalumik taaneqartartumut, atsiussaavoq. Aqqaluk atuakkanik naqiterisartuusimavoq, ujaqqanit naqiterisartuusimalluni, Kalaallit Nunaannilu aviisit siullersaanni Atuagagdliutini aaqqissuisuusimalluni.

Aningaasaliisut qujaffigaagut: Statens Kunstfond

Atuarfinnut meeqqerivinnullu tulluarsakkamik atuartitsissutissaq suliarineqarsimavoq, Nuummi Eqqumiitsuliornermik Saqqummersitsiviup nittartagaanit aaneqarsinnaasoq : Kulturikkut Isumassarsiorfik

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Erfalasup tullia maajimi qullarneqassooq. Eqqumiitsuliortoq kinaassanersoq, qaqugulu erfalasoq nutaaq qullarneqassanersoq Nuummi Eqqumiitsuliornermik Saqqummersitsiviup nittartagaatigut Facebookkiatigullu takuneqarsinnaalerumaarput.


Miki Jacobsenip erfalasup amuneqarnerani oqlugiaataa:

“Inuap erfalasua” by Miki Jacobsen

Greenada, Canaland..?
First of all thank you to Gudrun Hasle and NK for this opportunity creating a flag. I never liked the idea of borders, borders dividing lands and seas. Reality is that we do have all kinds of borders, and we tend to like to put things in boxes. And sometimes it has a meaning putting things in boxes. I think in this matter a large box would do the trick, to make space for everyone. Flags are symbols for something as we all know. Here the symbolism is based on the two flags.

It is no secret we share traditions and culture with Inuit from other nations, cultural heritage, languageand traditions. But even inside Greeland we have diversity in dialects etc. Greenland and Canada has been connected many times over time. Migrations from Canada to Greenland many times. Most recent the people of Avanersuaq ( North Greenland ).

As a kid my curiosity was triggered by my dads book shelf with all the old books about the people who explored the north. Miteq and Arnarulunguaq was some of them. During my second year at the Art School here in Nuuk, I got aware of the students of Greenlands University was going to visit Nunavut ( Northern Canada) I bugged my friend Nuka who was a student at the Greenland univeristy ( Ilisimatusarfik) back then, and his teacher Professor H.C.Petersen to come along with them, and suggested that I could document for them, and at the same time visit other artists and workshops which I did. Later Canada became important to me in other ways, as I attended Art college in Halifax Canada.

In recent years artists from Canada and Greenland has collaborated in the fields of art and culture. But maybe not as much as we want today. The National theatre of Greenland has in recent years occasionally had teachers from Canada. And before that actors from Nunavut Canada and Greenland put up a theatre piece together. But other events like the AWG ( Arctic Winter Games) have helped uniting the different Inuit Nations, not only from Canada. This flag is neither Canadien or Greenlandic, or maybe it is both without being anything else but its own.

Politicians has for too long promised easier acces between our lands, and more exchange. I think artists and many others still are looking forward this to happen. Lets hope future leaders will show the way. Today Greenland and Canada is connected through new families and children. I dedicate the flag to those people, and especially to my son which is connecting the countries in blood.