FLAG – Klara Hobza

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2019-09-12 16:30 - 17:00
Holms Hus
Address: Holmit Aqqutaat

The Czech artist Klara Hobza’s (b. 1975) has made the art flag “Dental Growth” for the project FLAG. Drawing is Klara Hobza´s medium to understand and to come to terms with the world. Hobza’s drawings continue the long tradition of nature study. In these works of art she is concerned with Homo sapiens as animal species.

Hobza’s art flag is three flags – each will be hoisted for one week. Flag one shows the jaw of a six months old, flag two depicts the jaw of a six year old, and flag three shows the jaw of a twelve year. From here, the slow process of teeth decay is will gradually proceed.

First flag will be hoisted Thursday September 12th with a vernissage at 4.30pm. Second flag will take over the flagpole Thursday September 19th. Third flag will take over from Thursday September 26th.