At the moment the Art Residency Program is closed for applications. We are working towards being able to offer artist residency again, but we are not able to inform you when it might be possible.

You are welcome to check our website and our Facebook page once in a while for updates.

The residency project

The goal is to create better conditions for cooperation between Greenlandic and Nordic artists and make Greenland more accessible. Nuuk Art Museum, in collaboration with NAPA – The Nordic Institute in Greenland, was able to offer 4 artist-in-residence programs in the fall of 2016 and spring 2017 – with support from Nordic Culture Point.

Two bedrooms and one common work room have been formed with four stipends for Nordic artists in the heart of Greenland’s capital, Nuuk. A place in close connection to Nuuk’s art and culture life.

The need for cultural exchange in small areas is enormous. It creates energy, inspiration, and drive for the art and culture. This is why we have created the opportunity for artists to stay for a longer period of time, to his way create opportunities for better exchange between Greenlandic and Nordic artists.
Greenland is in many ways a country which is hard to get to – a small population and enormous distances makes it expensive to reach, and to find a place to stay in. This new project will make it possible for more artists to come and stay in Greenland for longer periods of time, and give the artists chances to have dialogues and interaction with local artists, students and common citizens with interests in art and culture.


The residency is placed in one end of Nuuk Art Museum, which is located under 5 min. of walking distance to the center of the city. The placement of the residency gives direct opportunity for inspiration from the works of art exhibited at the museum, along with the benefit of sharing roof with a well-functioning institution which manages and connects directly to the local art and culture life in Nuuk.

Three Rooms

The artist-in-residency program includes two furnished bedrooms at approx. 8 sq. m. in size, a small kitchenette and a bathroom with shower and toilet, a common work room with access to a large balcony with a view over Nuuk city.


The artist-in-residence program is run by Nuuk Art Museum.

Guests / Artists

Within the frame of ’artist’ we invite both artists working with visual art, installations, video art, photography, music, literature and more.

Application procedure

There will be a board established in charge of the application process and judging the applications. The board will consist of a representative from Nuuk Art Museum, one from NAPA – the Nordic Institute in Greenland, and a local artist.
The project has received money for four Art-In-Residency programs until the summer of 2017, reserved for artists from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Åland) or the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).
The stay has to be between one and a half to two months of duration.
All residencies have to include a local activity. We imagine a concert, a short teaching course, an exhibition, or a collaborative project between an artist and a local institution. The activities and the local engagement can be helped along by Nuuk Art Museum or by NAPA.

About Nuuk Art Museum

Nuuk Art Museum is Greenland’s largest art museum. The building is approx. 700 sq. m. and houses a permanent exhibition of more than 1000 art pieces, and a newer large addition of approx. 200 sq. m. of two floors with temporary exhibitions. Today, the museum is owned by Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq. In periods where there are no artists-in-residence projects through the program, the museum will be using the rooms for travelling artists, among which artists exhibiting at the museum.


Residence in Upernavik

Upernavik Museum runs Refugium Upernavik, located in the old cooper workshop in the old part of Upernavik. The building keeps its original exterior, but houses now a small apartment with a stove, a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom/toilet, ideal for 1-2 persons.

Both national and international artists can apply for a residency there. In return for the sojourn, the artist is expected to hold an open studio, in collaboration with Upernavik Museum and during the period of the stay, as well as to deliver to Upernavik Museum an artwork realized in connection with the stay at Refugium Upernavik, within 6 months from departure from the residence.

Upernavik Museum accepts applications on a regular basis. Applications, in Greenlandic, Danish or English, should be sent either by email or to the address:

Upernaviup Katersugaasivia
Box 93
3962 Upernavik

Read more about the residence and the requirements for applications here:


Residence in Uummannaq

The residency in Uummannaq is currently not active. 


Residence in Ilulissat

Ilulissat Art Museum has an artist residence. Applications and enquiries about the residency should be sent to Ilulissat Art Museum (Ilulissat Kunstmuseum/Ilulissat Museum):

Museum director Andreas Hoffmann
Aron Mathiesenip Aqq. 7
3952 Ilulissat

Phone: (+299) 387771