Date: Wednesday 18th of October @ 17.00
Place: Nuuk Art Museum

Performance artist Jessie Kleemann is creating a performance with the thread as the theme. The thread can be played with, but it is also an essential material for survival. Threads can make a tie or get tangled and untangled. Threads can be used in sewing – things can be sown together or get sprung open. The performance will be created and performed in Nuuk Art Museum’s permanent collection.

Jessie Kleemann, b.1959 in Upernavik, Greenland. Performance artist and poet.
She is trained as a printmaker in Nuuk, and as an actress at the Tuukaq Theatre in Denmark. She has created videoworks, installations and many performances
as well as worked in a traditional theatre settings . From 1984-1991 she was was the head of the Artschool in Greenland. She has also participated as a poet in many international poetry and litterature festivals as well and worked with the performance group The Wolf in the Winter. In 2012 an artist monography was published Jessie Kleemann- Qivittoq.