Law Shifters is a participatory art project by the artist Stine Marie Jacobsen (b. 1977). At Nuuk Art Museum a law machine will be installed where museum visitors can write a law suggestion as part of the art project. The proposals will be translated into legal language by lawyers and law students and some of them will become posters hanging throughout the city of Nuuk during the exhibition period. The law proposals will be part of the website:

Law is not justice! How can a participatory art project establish alternative knowledge and notions of civil agency within the law? Law Shifters (2016-) ignites civil agency within the law by inviting citizens, refugees, immigrants, children and teenagers to rejudge real court cases and to write their own laws. Without being burdened by legal terminology, young people discuss their own perspectives on current laws and write their own legislative proposals. Without changing their content, a professional lawyer then translates these into standard legal language. The young people experience how legal language is a writing style, which can be decoded just like a poem.