Artist Gudrun Hasle, in collaboration with Nuuk Art Museum, has invited a series of artists from different countries to create each a flag for the flagstaff by Holms Hus, in the centre of Nuuk.

The second artist in the series is Jóhan Martin Christiansen (b. 1987), from Faroe Islands. He titled the flag ”Half angel. Do you see”. It consists of textile squares sawn together and dyed with paint, tea, and ink. The angel is a detail from an altar piece in Kinsarvik, Norway. With the flag Jóhan Martin asks: is it the wind chasing the flag, or the other way around? One day the angel greets the wind blowing from East, then West, Nord, and South.

There are national flags, football flags, maritime signal flags, prayer flags, and so forth. A flag has many meanings – there are flag flying days over the year, official flying of flags, flags for celebrations or for everyday occasions. When a flag is flown, something is being indicated or a communication occurs over distance. A flag can express an identity or a relation of belonging.

The project is made possible by Statens Kunstfond.