With funding from the Ny-Carlsberg Foundation, Nuuk Art Museum, in collaboration with the Statens Museum for Art, Greenland’s National Museum and the Foundation for Greenland’s National Gallery, acquired the entire art collection of the late artist Anne-Birthe Hove (1951-2012) in 2020.

The collection includes around 2,000 works of art, primarily on paper, but the collection also contains installations, photographs, tools, sketchbooks, sketches from exhibitions and much more.

In connection with the comprehensive registration of the collection, we are showing selections of Hove’s works through five pop-up exhibitions during 2022. The exhibitions focus, among other things, on showing Anne-Birthe Hove’s work process, her sketches and thoughts in connection with the creation of her art works . In addition to the five pop-up exhibitions, the museum will also publish articles about the museum’s registration and photography of the collection, and Anne-Birthe Hove’s art works included in the collection.

The first pop-up: TUNDRA

In the summer of 1999, Anne-Birthe Hove was offered to participate in a Swedish scientific expedition to the northernmost regions of Canada. The journey took place on an icebreaker which carried 50 international researchers, each with their own scientific specialisation. The trip went from Gothenburg via Nuuk to Tuktuyaktuk in the North West Territories between Nunavut in the East and Yukon in the West. Two sketchbooks, sample developments of photographs, a pencil and five framed prints are displayed in the exhibition. The exhibition will be shown from 10 March 2022.
For this exhibition an article was written by curator Kristine Bønløkke Spejlborg.
Read the article through this link: N.W.Tundra // Anne-Birthe Hove (1951-2012)

Second pop-up: Homage to Aron

Aron from Kangeq’s birthday is on April 9, and for that occasion one of Anne-Birthe Hove’s works featuring Aron was exhibited. In the work, Aron can be seen depicted as a European master painter; with an Alpine hat and paintbrush standing in front of an easel. The work was taken down again when the third pop-up was set up. The work is included again in the fifth pop-up exhibition.

Third pop-up: Hare; unfinished
This exhibition is about the decoration project on the Svend Junge’s Road towers, that was never finished. Anne-Birthe Hove worked with images with snow hares, and in the exhibition you will be able to see her research on snow hares and her sketches for the decoration. The exhibition opens on International Museum Day on the 18th of May.

Fourth pop-up: Paper

Anne-Birthe Hove was a paper connoisseur. You see that only the first few pages of several of her sketchbooks have been written and drawn in. Hove leaves the rest of the pages empty out of love for the paper. In this exhibition several of her sketchbooks are exhibited.

Fifth pop-up: Hommage to Aron
In 1997, Hove was a guest exhibitor with Koloristerne in Denmark. For the exhibition, she created the series “Hommage to Aron”, and it is this series that the fifth pop-up is based on. In 1997 and 1998, Hove illustrated two books from the publisher Atuakkiorfik, namely “Allaqqitat” (in English: “rewritten”) by Hans Anthon Lynge and “Anersaama pikialaarneri” (in English: what moves in my soul) by Moses Olsen. Hove found inspiration for the illustrations in Aron from Kangeq’s works, and the sketches for these are included in this exhibition. With this exhibition we pay tribute to both Anne-Birthe Hove and Aron from Kangeq (1822-1869). The exhibition can be seen from the 8th of December.