Nuuk Art Museum is active on a few social media pages. Find the links to the pages here.

There are approximately two posts a week on Facebook. The posts are first and foremost in Greenlandic and Danish, but also in English on special occasions. Facebook is also the fastest way to find events, new items in the shop and posts about extra opening hours as well as specific days the museum is closed.

Find the Facebook page here:

Most of the time there is only one post a week, and a few stories through the week. The posts are exclusively in English on Instagram.

Find the Instagram page here:
Or find: @nuukartmuseum

There are several videos on Youtube with different contents. You can find videos from exhibitions, workshops for children, tour videos and more. Some videos are without sound, and some are with Greenlandic or Danish speech. 1-3 videos are uploaded each year.

Find the Youtube channel here: