Assinga is Greenlandic and means its reproduction, its picture but also it’s equal. That is the title of an exhibition with four Greenlandic and four Nordic art photographers. Common to the artists is a desire to show more of Greenland than the beautiful nature. In its core you find the life, the contrasts and an enormous interest to see. Through their pictures and films they show different angles of the Greenlandic society. Through art they examine sadness and deceit, new and warn, and the traditions and the urban.


Greenlandic Artists

Inuuteq Kriegel was born in Aasiaat in 1989 and lives in Nuuk. He has already been represented in several photo projects. In 2013 he created the black and white portrait series of people from Greenland titled Thirteen (13) together with Filip Gielda. In 2014 he was one of six Greenlandic photographers published in the book ”ISIT TAKUNNITTUT / ØJNENE DER SER” ed. Iben Mondrup.

Inuuteq Storch born in Sisimiut in 1989. Educated from Fatamorgana in Copenhagen. Beginning in the spring of 2017 he has been an intern at the world famous Danish photographer Jacob Aue Sobol, who among other photo series made Sabine photographed in Eastgreenland. In 2016 he participated in the group exhibition Jette Bang I Dialog at Centre of Photography (Fotografisk Center) in Copenhagen, later shown at the culture house Taseralik in Sisimiut. He currently works with video art, and his contribution for this exhibition will among other pieces be a film that is consisting of short clips from old 16mm film from Greenland.

Jukke Rosing (Angiuk Rosing Gausten) born and raised in Nuuk living, Rosing moved to Copenhagen to attent the school of photography Fatamorgana in 2008-2009, where photography became her preferred artistic media. Since then she has been a partaker in the artist group KENBURNS. Rosing together with her artist college Gukki Nuka recently won a contest to decorate the four local courtrooms in Nuuk, Ilulissat, Qaqortoq and Sisimiut. A project that is due to be completed in 2018. In 2016 she participated in the group exhibition Jette Bang I Dialog at Centre of Photography (Fotografisk Center) in Copenhagen, later shown at the culture house Taseralik in Sisimiut.

Angu Motzfeld Is a musician and photographer born in Qaqortoq in 1979, living in Nuuk. He participated in the Group eexhibition “KUUK” in 2010 curated by Iben Mondrup and Julie Edel Hardenberg. In 2015 he had a big solo exhibition in the bank of Greenland. In 2016 he participated in the group exhibition Jette Bang I Dialog at Centre of Photography (Fotografisk Center) in Copenhagen, later shown at the culture house Taseralik in Sisimiut. Angu does not separate the art in music and pictorial art but works between it all as a combines field of expressions.


Nordic Artists

Lotta Törnroth is born and raised in Sweden and holds a master degree of in Fine Art from Alto University in Helsinki from 2014. The same year Törnroth moved to New York after winning a fellowship award from Hasselblad Centre that included a six moth residency at International Studio & Curatorial Program. Here she published the art book ‘To Wait for the Inevitable – Narratives from the Sea’. She has exhibited in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Derby and New York. Törnroths works takes it beginning with the sea focusing on shipwrecks and the tragically aspects of the sea. In Nuuk she was making an installation working with frozen seawater and analog photography. Very close to sea in the early morning, Törnroth created photos reflecting the alluring and tragic of the sea.

Inkeri Jäntti is a finish artist with af bachelor degree from Oulu University of Applied Science. She is inspired by abandoned houses, nature, feminism and histories of survivors, working specifically with staged stories. Often with an element of trauma, questions about identity and inner peace. In Nuuk Jänttis main focus was women who had been sexually abused, and their stories was centered in the exhibition Nipangersimaneq – which is Greenlandic for keeping silence. The photographs are staged in old abandoned houses and steep cliffs where the stories of the women take form.

Tinne Zenner (1986, Denmark) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Copenhagen. She holds an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Working with analogue film and 3D-animation, her work explores the physical structures, in which layers of history, politics and collective memory are embedded. Her work has been shown at a number of international film festivals including Ann Arbor Film Festival, Projections at New York Film Festival, CPH:DOX, Image Forum Tokyo and EXiS in South Korea as well as exhibited at Gothenburg Kunsthal, Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art, Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen. Zenner is a co-founder and member of Sharna Pax, a film collective based in London and Copenhagen working between the fields of anthropology, documentary and visual arts.

Marte Lill Somby (1987, Norway) is a Sapmi-Norwegian artist med a bachelor degree from the Art Academy of Contemporary art in Tromsø, Norway. She works with everything from printing, embroidery, drawings, video art, doudji and installations. Somby writes: “I’m inspired by nature, culture and identity. A silence narrative with a tension between figuration and abstraction. The aesthetics and the contrasts in everyday life. The space between is catching up with me again and again.” In Sombys art her sapmi background has been a returning subject. In Greenland Somby worked with questions about identity and the thought of belonging to a place. Together with the Greenlandic artist Kristine Spore Kreutzmann they created a pop-up exhibition in an abandoned house in the center of Nuuk.