I was asked to make a flag to hoist by holms house in the centre of Nuuk. What does it stand for and what do you communicate with a flag? Regardless of perspective or geography, a huge part of the answer seems to navigate towards superiority and ownership. Ownership over land and an imposed sense of superiority over other lives present. It is said that when a flag is flown, something is being indicated or communicated. I raise my flag to communicate about the ongoing colonial heritage of Norway. To criticize and to seek help against the newcolonial laws and politics of Norway, deeply affecting and wounding my culture, our lands, animals and people. I hoist my flag to mark that Norway now has started a second round of forced slaughter of our reindeer in West-Finnmark, north of Norway, Sápmi. I raise my flag in support of my brothers and sisters in Joahkonjarga reindeer grazing district who have just recently received a second slaughter claim, now for 40 percent of their reindeer. Who of us is next and what comes second? I hoist the flag in support to our communities, present and future, in hope that we endure. Can I say with a flag, that I wish no flags were ever planted on our lands? – Maret Anne Sara