After 10 years of self-government and 40 years of home rule, five artists, who will undoubtedly leave their mark on the next 40 years of Greenland’s history, commemorate the occasion with an exhibition of their work. The artists are: Martin Brandt Hansen, Paninnguaq Lind Jensen, Paarma Brandt, Inuuteq Storch and Maja-Lisa Kehlet.

The exhibition is curated by Bolatta Silis-Høegh.

With the Danish Commonwealth splitting apart, Green- land is a major item on the agenda more than ever before. For the first time, Denmark has begun to real- ise that Greenland can actually become independent. This raises countless questions in the media, but the supreme question always seems to be: “When?”

Featuring five significant artists from Greenland – all under the age of 30 – the exhibition, “In our lifetime” focuses attention on the generation who, by all ap- pearances, will have to help steer their country to- wards independence. What direction do they want it to take? What future do they see? And where are they here and now as we celebrate the anniversary of the introduction of Home Rule to Greenland?

The exhibition presents various artistic directions, methods and forms of work. It portrays the diversity and untamed creativity of a group of artists, who all grew up taking self-determination for granted, free of the perpetual shadow of colonialism.

The exhibition provides no clear answers, but is rooted in a tangible present and based on the work of five art- ists who will undoubtedly leave their mark on the next 40 years of Greenland’s history. Maybe their works and expressions can reveal a way forward.

The catalouge for the exhibition can be found here and at the show:

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