Chirts&Cloves – Pictures of Inuuteq Storch, Igor Morales and Nathalie Guio

The three artists – Inuuteq Storch, Igor Morales and Nathalie Guio from Greenland, Brazil and Columbia – explores the love in the exhibition Chirts&Cloves.

Inuuteq Storch is a young Greenlandic photographer. Educated both from the recognized photo school Fatamorgana in Denmark and from the International Center of Photography in New York. In New York he met Igor Morales from Brazil and Nathalie Guio from Columbia, and together they created an unusual photo project about love and life while being young.

The title plays the urban meeting between the artists and sweet love. Chirts is a wordplay on hearts, but also a slang on the street for a kind of euphoric/soothing drug. Cloves means carnation flower – a sweet spice.

Through the photography the three artists explores and works with the perspectives on love inspired by the urban meeting and of the love in its many aspects.

The exhibition opens Thursday 18th January at 5 pm, and in connection with the Greenlandic Night of Culture Saturday 20th January there will be a photo competition based on the exhibition.