A large part of the Nuuk Artmuseum collection has hung on a wall in a home. Some of the paintings have been bought to hang above a couch, at a dinnertable or because it fit in.

Svend and Helene Junge donated their art collection, along with this house, in 2005 to the citizens of Nuuk – and since then it has been Nuuk Art Museum.

We have asked three elder nuummiut  – Abia, Amalie and Marianne – to each choose five pieces from the museum’s collection. Five pieces which created a memory or created a recognition. Afterwards, we went to their homes, and they would show and tell about a special piece from their home. These art works and stories about them became this exhibition.

You can hear Abia, Amalie and Marianne talk about their recognitions in the work from their home, by borrowing the podcast by the wall. You can also read about their recognisitions in the pieces they borrowed from the museums collections, in the exhibition folder.

And maybe you will ponder which pieces creates a sense of recognition within you…