On 18th May is ICOM’s International Museum Day. This year’s theme is the new role of museums for the local community. Most museums are no longer static institutions: they have become much more engaged in an interaction with their audience. This year the occasion will be marked with several events at Nuuk Art Museum.

Nuuk Art Museum has through the past four years worked on transforming its role within the local community, by opening up more and constantly reviewing the arrangement of the collection throughout the museum building. Big efforts have moreover been made in mediating and presenting the collection, at once for children, adults, tourists, and students at various stages. This has been done by means of varied events (such as artist talks, small concerts, and film screenings), but also podcasts, activities, and educational material.

In order to mark the International Museum Day 2019, Nuuk Art Museum entered into collaboration with make-up artist Natascha Pedersen, who will bring the museum collection to life. Natascha will fetch inspiration in works from the collection and produce four different “looks”, to be styled on as many models. The models will be moving around Nuuk Art Museum like living artworks on Saturday 18th May, 15 to 17.

On Thursday 16th May at 12 a new flag from the project FLAG will be hoisted at Holms Hus. The first artist of the series was Miki Jacobsen, who contributed with a mix of the Greenlandic and the Canadian flags. The second artist is Faroese Jóhan Martin Christiansen, who created a flag based on an altar piece in Norway. There will be coffee, tea and cake for the vernissage.

On Friday 17th at 15 a guided tour will take place, with starting point in the group exhibit of artists’ association KIMIK, No Limits, and ending in the museum’s own collection.

The celebrations of the Museum Day lead up to two final music events. On Sunday 19th May at 14, Nordisk Koncertkor will occupy the museum space and perform songs about the sea – a theme the choir will be working with up until culture festival Nuuk Nordisk 2019. They will stage the songs in different spots of Nuuk Art Museum, thus bringing in another way art to life.
The 22nd May is Nuuk Art Museum’s birthday; the museum was founded by Svend and Helene Junge in 2005 as a gift to the citizens of Nuuk. This day concludes the celebrations of the Museum Day and will be marked with a musical improvisation in KIMIK’s collective exhibit. Musician Jacob Nyborg will put the visual art into music by improvising on selected works.

The celebrations of the International Museum Day are supported by Sermeqpuljen and Nuuk Lokaludvalg.