FLAG is a collaboration between artist Gudrun Hasle and Nuuk Art Museum. Six artists has been invited to create a flag for the flagpole at Holms Hus in the centre of Nuuk.
The flags are art works which at the end of the project will be gathered for an exhibition. The flag is hoisted in the morning and taken down in the afternoon on weekdays.
Gudrun Hasle (b.1979) is the third artist in the serie. ”Jeg vil garne være usynlig” (I want to be invisible) is a reflection about coming to Greenland being Danish feeling big and noisy. That as a Dane you can’t escape carrying a colonial luggage, and that this luggage makes you want to obliterate yourself as being Danish.
On the other hand the flag is also a reflection about a society where suicide and the consequence of it is present. With the flag Gudrun asks: Is suicide a wish for being visible or visible? A question aimed at the emotions leading to suicide – is suicide a cry for help or a wish of dissappearing.

The project is made possible by Statens Kunstfond