In a collaboration between the duo LARM and the three museums of Nuuk (Nuuk Art Museum, Nuutoqaq Museum and The National Museum of Greenland) the museum “Niels Lynge’s House” will be curated with the theme childhood home.

Niels Lynges House is a self-built house from 1950. It belonged to the preacher Niels Lynge and his family. The house is on view as it was when Niels Lynge and his family lived there. During Nuuk Nordic there will be a podcast installed, where Lisa Lynge-Hesseldhal, daughter of Niels Lynge, tells about her childhood in the house. The podcast tells a narrative about the house, the rooms, the objects and about a period of time.

On the upper floor will be an exhibition about childhood home based on collected items and stories from the people of Nuuk and curated by the duo LARM. LARM will together with locals, visitors and participants at the festival work with the theme childhood homes throughout the festival. Workshops, satellite exhibitions and other interventions will appear around the festival and the city of Nuuk – created by LARM in dialogue with the items and the theme childhood home.

Opening Sunday 6/10 : 1pm -5pm
October 7th-13th. : 3pm-5pm