Free entrance all year for you and a companion!
At Nuuk Art Museum we are starting a museum club, where members get invited to events, and play an important role as ambassadors for the art museum. With the museum club, Nuuk Art Museum invites local citizens to use the museum even more. As a member, you show your support for the art museum’s work for culture and art. A loyal group, who can bring art to people, and people in to the art museum.

Club advantages

The membership is valid for one year (May-May). In addition to the welcome gift upon registration (the first year), members get free admission to the museum all year round, always the opportunity to invite a companion for free, invitations to openings and special events, newsletters, 5% discount in the museum shop, as well as a free copy of the exhibition catalogs that are printed. 1-3 catalogs are printed per year. The museum club will also give the members a common interest with the museum as a meeting place, and the members will acquire a greater knowledge of art and culture.
Children under 12 accompany adults free of charge at all times.

Membership fee

Introduction price in May 2021: DKK 250 incl. welcome gift.
Thereafter, the registration price is DKK 350 incl. welcome gift.
Extension of membership fee is DKK 200 per. year.
You sign up and pay your membership fee at the museum shop.


Five Letters by Anne-Birthe Hove

The name of the club refers to a series of works by Anne-Birthe Hove (1951-2012) from 2007. Hove was one of the artists with the greatest influence on Greenlandic art and art history. During her lifetime, she spent many years of her far too short life helping and inspiring artists in Greenland, partly at the Greenland Art School in Nuuk, but also as chairman of the artists’ association KIMIK. Parts of the Five Letters works can also be seen elsewhere, i.a. in the bronze work “Natteravne” from 2001 as well as in “Tusarnaarneq” from 2009, which is part of the decoration of the auditorium in Ilimmarfik. One works from the series has also been printed in a limited edition as a scarf in wool / silk, and is currently available at Nuuk Art Museum’s shop.