A meeting between Greenland, Island and The Faroe Islands in a supernatural setting

The West-Nordic exhibition, The Weather Diaries, has travelled around the world since 2014 and will now be shown in Nuuk. The exhibition opens on the 2’nd of August at 17 pm at Nuuk Art Museum.

The exhibition examines the role and purpose of fashion in the West-Nordic countries, together with themes such as sustainability, the weather and climate, storytelling, heritage, identity and how the creativity appears.

Through the artists Nina Gorfer and Sarah Cooper, the exhibition is a meeting between the three North-Atlantic countries Island, The Faroe Islands and Greenland.

The exhibition was created on the request of Nordens hus (The Nordic House) in Reykjavik intended for the two artist, Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer.  The exhibition was developed for Nordic Fashion Biennale in Frankfurt, Deutschland in 2014. Cooper and Gorfer travelled on The Faroe Islands, in Greenland and Island to study how designers get inspired by the weather, the nature and the conditions in the three different countries.

12 Designers from those three countries, including Bibi Chemnitz, Najannguaq D. Lennert, Nikolja Kristensen and Jessie Kleeman from Greenland

The works originates in the designers stories, hopes and ambitions, put in a dreamlike and supernatural setting. The exhibition therefor creates the space for a different take on storytelling through the pictures.

It is the hope of Nuuk Art Museum, that there with this exhibition will emerge a new discussion about national pride surrounding design and art, and that it will create new ways of thinking regarding Greenlandic techniques with leather and pearls.

With the exhibition also comes teaching materials for schoolchildren and high school students, with a focus on picture-analysis and storytelling.

A smaller part of the exhibition will be shown in Katuaq from the 3rd of August until the 6th of September.

Throughout the next 4 months, when The Weather Diaries is on display, there will be held different events in connection with the exhibition.

The exhibition will be shown until the 18’ of November.