Aalut Kangermiu 1822-1869 18.02 – 29.05.2022
Aalut Kangermiu 1822-1869 18.02 – 29.05.2022

Bart Pushaw: Aalut and Collective Authorship at the Nuuk Printing Press

This notion of Aalut as distinguished from and superior to the other Kalaallit artists who contributed to the album quickly gained traction. Already by June 1862, the popular British monthly The Bookseller described Aalut as “the Raffaelle of Greenland”…

200 years: Aalut Kangermiu 1822-1869

Aron’s legacy is seen in several places in Greenlandic art today and Aron is even present on social media

BEHIND THE ART // Christine Deichmann

Christine Deichmann is as interesting from the perspective of her own day as of ours. Unlike the travelling and expedition artists contemporary to her, she did not paint spectacular vistas or a “primordial” (i.e., according to the artist’s own understanding) Greenland; instead, she painted the close and intimate. The life around her – women and children occupied with daily chores…



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