Tupilak is a story- and colourbook about the Greenlandic tupilak and inspired by the collection og tupilak figurines at Nuuk Art Museum. The Tupilak as a figure is a grotesque and is constantly moving between the wild and dangerous and the silly and comic.  The expression of the Tupilaks in wood, bone, stone and ivory has developed through the interest from the outside and the imagination and narrative of the Tupilak cutters….

BEHIND THE ART // Alibak Johansen

Alibak was a popular artist and drawer in Greenland, whose works have been hanging in the homes of many. There are four pieces by Alibak Johansen in the collection of Nuuk Art Museum. Two are portraits, the other two landscapes. The portraits were realized with black ink in 1996, while the landscapes are different, one dating back to 1968, the other to 1996…