KIMIK No Limits // 10.7.19 – 28.7.19

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FLAG // 4.4 – 1.11 2019

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International Museum Day // May 18th 2019

On 18th May is ICOM’s International Museum Day. This year’s theme is the new role of museums for the local community. Most museums are no longer static institutions: they have become much more engaged in an interaction with their audience. This year the occasion will be marked with several events at Nuuk Art Museum…


Aron from Kangeq (1822-1869)

On the 12th March 2019 it will be 150 years since Aron from Kangeq died – and despite the fact that the day of death does perhaps not need be commemorated, this particular artist should indeed be highlighted to such degree. Aron from Kangeq is in his own way the forefather of modern Greenlandic art – with artists up to our own day acknowledging his talent and importance …