Kîstat Lund

The Greenlandic artist Kîstat Lund (1944-2017) is represented with 16 works of art in the collection of Nuuk Art Museum. Her art was commissioned for schools, conference rooms and different institutions. Her biggest inspiration was nature; the nature she experienced as child and adult around the town of Narsaq in Southern Greenland. In her works of art the focal point was nature together with Greenlandic myth and traditional way of life.

She simplified the subjects and added a sensitivity with colour. Her art has a serene quality to it in the use of colour and subject. During her artistic life she tried out and used different techniques amongst them acrylic and oil painting, watercolour and airbrush.

One of the paintings in the collection of Nuuk Art Museum expands over three canvases like a triptych or division of the subject. It has no title and is from 2005. The image is a fjord, mountains and a sand plain. The colours are divided with golden lining in small surfaces. It seems like she took the colours of the mountains and places the colours in separate surfaces. That way the mountain becomes artificial and abstract and at the same time identifiable.

The sky varies from white to blue. Golden lines mark birds in the sky. The golden lining between the surfaces of colour is soft and organic which contrasts the sharply divided surfaces. The golden lining winds and at the same time gives the image a structure. Even though some may recognize the acutal place in the painting, the focal point is the representation and arranging of nature.

”Nature as a study” is an article by Lene Therkildsen in the Greenlandic art and culture magazine. ”A rare self-taught” Jørgen Fleischer calls her in another article from the same magazine. Kîstat Lund was educated as an art teacher and learned the different techniques along the way – from other artists, from travels abroad and from curiosity and drive. In her childhood she both knew and met the Greenlandic preacher and poet Henrik Lund (1875-1948) and the artist Hans Lynge (1906-1988) and his first wife Cecilie.

She herself said that she was inspired by the American artist Georgia O’Keefe (1887-1986); these two artists share the relation to the solitary and gradiose nature and both adds a softness and sensitivity to this also harsh nature. O’Keefe painted the desert, Kîstat Lund the nature of Southern Greenland – often without people in it. A contemplation over nature Kîstat Lund’s paintings could be called.


Literature about Kîstat Lund

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